The Memorandum of Cooperation in the Field of Communications and Informatization between the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and INTERNET2.0

Vitaly Deinega, deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine for Digital Development, Digital Transformation and Digitalization, and Robert Potter, co-founder of the Australian company INTERNET2.0 and also expert in CyberDiia signed a Memorandum of Cooperation between the Defense Department and INTERNET2.0.

The memorandum officially confirms the intentions of the parties to develop cooperation and exchange of experience in the areas of communication and informatization, introduction and development of the latest information technologies and digitalization processes in the field of defense. This agreement will allow the parties to study and test innovative technologies for defense, software and hardware, developed by an Australian company, in particular Cloaking Firewall, Malcore.

Among other things, the main efforts of the signatories will be to explore the possibilities of using the information and analytical system, Advanced Practices, developed by INTERNET2.0, to improve situational awareness, threat assessment, crisis forecasting, response and recovery.

Active work on building cybersecurity capabilities in the Ministry of Defense continues. Thus, the Civil Research and Development Fund (CRDF Global) in cooperation with the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Cyber Diia, INTERNET2.0 and Microfocus held a two-day seminar «Secure of Windows Systems, compliance with NIST standards and detection of cyber threats » for specialists of cybersecurity departments of the Ukrainian Defense Department.          

More than 25 representatives of the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces have mastered knowledge about the introduction of NIST cybersecurity standards, network and Internet security principles, software update management, use of software to collect and manage cybersecurity events (ELK Stack, IBM qRadar, etc.) to detect and counter enemy cyberattacks.

Because during the war in our country full-scale battles take place not only in the physical but also in virtual space, defense professionals have to be aware of cybersecurity to enable reliable protection of their confidential data and safe use of the Internet.

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