Membership in Association is open to private entities subject to endorsement by the Conference in due course.

Membership Benefits

  • Participate in joint business-networking and social activities with public opinion leaders and a professional community to ensure your expertise is demanded.

  • Promote your business activities and make achievements visible and palpable to the stakeholders using our newsletter.

  • Establish collaborative partnerships with members and use the synergy to deliver solutions to the hands of end-users.

Engagement Packages

  • Cyber Diia Partnership Network Access

    Access to a wide network of diverse tech companies, innovators, cyber resilience experts, and Ukrainian government.

  • Access to Talent Pool

    Access a rich talent pool of cybersecurity experts, technology innovators, Cyber Diia educational programs graduates, and industry veterans.

  • Access to Executive Education

    Opportunity to enrol executives in educational programs on emerging technologies and cyber resilience strategies.

  • Tailored Executive Education

    Customized educational solutions to meet unique cyber resilience needs.

  • Co-Access to Government Funding

    Jointly apply for government grants and funding for cyber resilience.

  • Co-Access to Private Funding

    Shared access to private funding sources interested in cyber resilience initiatives.

  • Co-Access to International Funding

    Opportunity to co-apply for international funding and participate in projects funded by international organisations/funders

  • Access to Knowledge Database

    Access a rich database of cyber resilience knowledge materials, research findings, best practices, etc.

  • Benchmarking and Maturity Assessment

    Receive assessments of your organization's cyber resilience capabilities against industry standards.

  • Pre-Certification Assessment

    Conduct a pre-certification assessment to identify gaps and suggest improvements.

  • Certification and Compliance Assistance

    Guidance and support for achieving cyber resilience certifications and regulatory compliance.

  • Consultancy Projects

    Cyber resilience experts undertake consultancy projects, offering insights and experience.

  • Case Studies

    Access to a library of case studies showcasing real-world instances of cyber resilience strategies.

  • Joint Research Projects

    Collaborate on research projects for enhancing cyber resilience.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)Projects

    Participate in or sponsor social projects as part of CSR initiatives.

  • Joint Strategy Definition

    Collaboratively define cyber resilience strategies, providing industry consultations’ outputs for the Ukrainian govenment.

Difference between Vendor, Collaborator, and Partner

  • Operational Vendor

    Operational vendors function as a supportive backbone to the Cyber Diia network, mainly offering services and goods that ensure smooth operational continuity. As they interact with Cyber Diia, they can tap into a comprehensive network of experts, technology companies, and cyber resilience innovators. Their collaboration, though primarily focused on operational assistance, allows them to broaden their horizons and enrich their expertise. However, strategic planning and extensive collaboration are bot typically within their purview.

  • Tactical Collaborator

    A tactical collaborator transcends the role of a vendor and plays an active role in specific projects or initiatives. Their relationship with Cyber Diia fosters more than just transactional interactions; it's a mutual endeavour aimed at achieving defined, short- to medium-term objectives. As tactical collaborators, they can leverage all the value propositions offered by Cyber Diia, except for private and international funding co-access. This enables them to collaborate on strategic goals, enhance their knowledge through executive education programs, participate in joint research projects, and more. Their involvement, however, does not encompass private and international financial collaboration.

  • Strategic Partner

    Strategic partners are integral to Cyber Diia's long-term vision and success. Their role extends beyond service provision or project collaboration; they are actively engaged in strategic planning and execution, sharing both risks and rewards. With access to all aspects of the organization, these partnerships are built on mutual trust, shared objectives, and joint investments. For strategic partners of Cyber Diia, the scope is comprehensive, including financial collaboration such as co-access to private and international funding. They are not just collaborators or beneficiaries of services, but also key players contributing to Cyber Diia's overarching strategy and long-term objectives.

How to Apply

Please send us a letter describing your expertise and commitment to the mission and compliance with the shared values of the Association and its Charter.

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