Last week was the week of OSINT, Cybersecurity and new ideas for deepening Ukraine's cooperation with international partners. 

The leading European event on Cybersecurity, called FIC (Forum International de la Cybersécurité ), was held last week in Lille, France and started with the presentation of an officer of the SBI (State Bureau of Investigation) of Ukraine, who detailed the use of OSINT during the investigations within the framework of the war in Ukraine and how the SBI used and is using these informations against the Russian Federation.

On 7th April, CyberDiia experts Sébastien Garnault  and Yegor Aushev participated  with foreign colleagues in the debate : "What role should Europe play in Ukraine's reconstruction?".
The interlocutors came to the conclusion that Ukraine is not only in need of aid, but can also be useful to its partners as well:
"Cybersecurity doesn't have borders. 200,000 unique IP addresses attacked Ukraine at the beginning of full scale war. These IP addresses are coming from all over the world, so it means that Ukraine can share this information and this is only one little case what we can share, because for example in other hand, hackers used Ukrainian IP addresses to attack other countries. We need to create some new relations of diplomacy, some analytics, because now in Ukraine we collect thousands of information that we are starting to investigate and of course it will be great to investigate it all together." explained Yegor Auchshev.
"As long as we do not have the Global Cybersecurity maturity in the world, it means we will have many weak points in the world. So information sharing and fighting cybercrime it's something crucial that must be done " Eric Brier, CTO Cyberdefense, Thales. 
The fact that cybersecurity can not be achieved by a state actor alone was agreed by all participants. 

Cooperation, skills, diplomacy, discussion and human trust - main principles on which further fruitful cooperation between Ukraine and its foreign partners should be based.

OSINT events were organized also in Kyiv :
On 28th March , trainings were organized on the use of cyber-analytical methods for the investigation of war crimes for the War Department of the Prosecutor General's Office.

On 7th April CyberDiia representatives organized OSINT training for the Cyber ​​Police Department of the National Police of Ukraine in partnership with Internet 2.0.